Harbord Diggers

Project: Harbord Diggers Planter Boxes
Joiner: Civardi Furniture
Material: Corian, Concrete

Directory Boards

Project: Triniti Directory Boards
Joiner: Cortis Joinery
Feature: 3 off seamless 3200mm x 1624mm x 80mm directory boards, lettering by others.

Dental Surgery

Project: Dental Surgery
Solid Surface: Corian, Glacier White & Deep Nocturne
Joiner: Jasper Design Group


Project: icare
Reception Desk: Corian, Pearl
Breakout Benches: Corian, Pearl
Designed by: Bradley Schott of DWP


Project: Office kitchen & reception desk
Solid Surface: Corian, Glacier White
Kitchen: Seamless 6 metre island bench top including waterfall end panels to both sides
Reception Desk: Corian clad reception desk with thermoformed vertical corners.

Macquarie Bank

Project: Macquarie Bank
Solid Surface: Corian, Glacier White
Joiner: Euroline Joinery
Breakfast bar & water bars across multiple levels, featuring seamless end panels, under-mounted sinks, zip tap integration, 12mm bench top thickness.

Gateway Food Court, Circular Quay

Project: Gateway Food Court Columns & Table Tops
Solid Surface: LG Hi-Macs, Roma & Genova
Joiner: Euroline Joinery
Location: Alfred Street, Circular Quay, Sydney NSW
Features:  Seamless cladding of eight 2600mm high columns, each column has 100mm diameter thermoformed corner and a custom engraved pattern(CNC) into all four sides.

Loretto Kirribilli - Laboratory Benchtops

Solid Surface: Corian, Glacier White
Joinery: Workspace Commercial Furniture
Features: 59 laboratory bench tops, all fitted with under-mount lab sinks. 

The Portico Foyer - Concierge Desk

Solid Surface: Marblo (Opal NOL / WP1957-1)
Location: 2 York St, Sydney
Architect: Tonkin Zulaika Greer Architects
Builder: Calida Projects
Features: Three dimensional thermoformed Marblo, fabricated over a steel substructure including back lighting.

Three Beans Cafe - Macquarie Centre

Solid Surface: Marblo, Glacier 010
Features: Vertical decroative panels with a unique design routed into the Marblo highlighting the vein through the material.

Bennelong Restaurant - Sydney Opera House

Solid Surface: Marblo Opal, Ariel.
Features: Table tops with brass edging, waiter station bench tops & dining table

Furniture Pods - Westfield, Miranda

SCF has completed the fabrication of multiple furniture pods featured throughout Westfield Miranda shopping centre. The project involved thermoforming the material around pre-fabricated structures to achieve a monolithic structure.

Solid Surface: Hi-Macs, Arctic White
Joinery by: Euroline Architectural Joinery

Seamless Bar

Solid Surface: Hanex, Crystal Vanilla
Features: 70mm thick edge , waterfall end, two tier bar and servery section including coved detail.

Black Poison Cafe

Solid Surface: Corian, Deep Nocturne
Features: Thermoformed apron with 'Black Poison' logo engraving,  seamless Corian end section returning up the wall cleverly used as the cafe menu.

Royal Botanic Gardens - Reception Counter

Solids Surface: Corian, Salt
Builder: Avant Constructions
Features: Seamless finished Corian reception desk, fitted around stairs with integrated cladding of column.


Commonwealth Bank - Darling Walk

Solid Surface: Corian, Glacier White
Joiner: Civardi Furniture
Features: Seamless wall cladding, caldding of reception desk, CNC cut lettering integrated across desk and the wall.

Toilet Partitions

Solid Surface: Hanex, Malt & Casablanca
Features: Toilet partition system including floor to ceiling blade mounts, doors and urinal privacy panels.