Seamless Joins
A unique feature of Solid Surface is that it can be joined seamlessly using colour matching adhesives, creating endless design possibilities and eliminating dirt traps.

Solid Surface Kitchens

Each and every work surface that we fabricate for our clients is bespoke and unique to their requirements. Designing with solid surface allows you to incorporate features such as seamless coved splash backs, integrated sinks, integrated drainers, waterfall ends, drawer fronts and doors.  Work surfaces fabricated from solid surface are extremely stain resistant and impervious to water damage, making them an excellent choice of surface throughout the kitchen. Matched with an extensive range of colours to blend or contrast with any colour palette. See below for some examples of solid surface used in the kitchen, for more design inspiration visit our portfolio page.

Solid surfaces are renewable surfaces, which can be restored with mild abrasive cleansers and a scouring pad. Harsh damage can be professionally repaired by SCF without replacing all of the material.

Integrated Solid Surface Sinks

Integrating solid surface sinks into your benchtop continues the seamless feel of working with solid surface. Eliminating the join between the benchtop and the sink making cleaning simple and easy.

 Solid Surface is a non-porous material; it is solid through its entire thickness and can be joined seamlessly, rendering the entire surface very hygienic.

Solid surface has proven to be an extremely durable product, used widely in many residential and commercial applications.

Solid Surface Bathrooms

Feature solid surfaces throughout your bathroom incorporating it into vanity tops, seamless wall cladding, custom designed vanity basins, shower niches, shelving and bath surrounds.

Solid Surface is Colourful

Across the various brands of solid surface there are over 250+ colours to choose from. Click on the below links to view the various brands colour ranges.

Integrated Drainers

Integrated Basins

Power up your benchtop with a Corian® Charging Surface

The unique Corian® Charging Surface replaces messy cables and unattractive power points to create user-friendly kitchen spaces. As our reliance on smartphones increase, kitchen spaces are demanding smarter interior design solutions that provide quick, reliable and seamless access to charging options.

Solid Surface Bath Tubs